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Division of Youth
Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture
University Drive           P. O. Box N-4891
Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas
T: (242) 502-0736        F: (242) 328-8038
E: celebrateyouthbahamas@gmail.com

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"A programme of the Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas  which fosters the mentorship and exposure of Youth in matters of Government, management, civil society, national development and advocacy."

Should you have any challenges, please contact the Coordinating Committee's office at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.  
(Mr. John Ronald Darville, Assistant Youth Officer, Division of Youth)


The Division of Youth

Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture

Thompson Boulevard

P. O. Box N-4891

Nassau, N.P., Bahamas


Tel: 242-502-0737 of 242-502-0736

Fax: (242) 328-8038

Email: celebrateyouthbahamas@gmail.com 

What is YouthGOV about?


As a developing country, it is important that the national advancement (development) agenda includes the exposure of young persons to the value and important role of the main societal sectors; those being government, private/corporate and civil society sectors.  It is only with pre-exposure that our young people will be able to appreciate, understand and be prepared to lead in key roles that drive the machinery needed to facilitate corporative national developmental sustainability and further sectoral growth and advancement.


In The Bahamas, there has been very little attention to creating a mindset  of independence among our nation’s youth, firstly regarding the opportunities for service in the government and/or civil society sectors.  A number of persons, by force choose government and otherwise, do not care to support the important work of civil society, simply because they are unaware of the value of the work done in those sectors.  In The Bahamas, civil society agencies for the most part constitute aide service provisions for the poor and otherwise, religious pursuits.  There must be stronger support behind the further evolution of civil society and a mindset of advocacy, community cohesion and calls-to-action on matters of national concern.  The only way this is to be accomplished is if our young people are made to understand their role as citizens, which extend beyond simply living and working in The Bahamas, but more so is related to the exercising of rights and voice towards the advancement of causes for the improvement of ways of life for others and one’s self.


The primary purpose of this intervention is to (Bahamas National Youth Policy - Recommended Interventions excerpt, 2014, pg. 46, item 3.6.4):

  • Inspire young people to take a participatory role in society,

  • Create outlets for youth involvement, illustrations of ideals and positive reception of these ideals by Administrative Department of Central and local government;

  • The promotion of youth rights to freedom of association and advocacy,

  • Youth involvement in the running and decision making processes of government agencies and bodies,

  • To enlighten youth about their constitutional, legislative and policy rights, freedoms, role in civil society and responsibilities as residents and,

  • Youth and youth led organizational representation in the work of all government and parliamentary bodies and committees, public institutions and enterprises in the interest of youth.


With support from the Commonwealth Youth Programme, and taking into consideration the strategies outlined by the United Nation Strategic Development Goals (SDGs), YouthGOV will focus on providing opportunities for institutionalized youth (Junior High School, Senior High School and College) through the establishment of the following:

  • The National Student Congress

  • Student Leader Mentorship Bahamas Initiative 

  • The Bahamas Association of Students in Civil Society


Civic Engagement Grants, 2016


Pilot schools will be elidgable to receive small grants of up to $1,500.00 to be used to execute small civic activities at their school or in their school's surrounding community.   With support from workshop participants at the upcoming Student Congress session, students will develop project proposals for which they will have three (3) months to execute.  The Facilitators will also serve as mentors for each student group for the duration of the project.  Funds granted will be presented in trust to the Princiapal of the pilot school and are to be disbursed in accordance with school's financial policies, and as may be set out and agreed in the Project Proposal and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) disbursed by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.    


Our Pilot Partners?


During the Pilot Phase, the Ministry will engage six (6) schools or a total of twenty-five (36) student participants (or six students per school). In this initial phase, the participating schools should include two (2) colleges, three (3) secondary schools and one (1) junior high school. The participants from each school will also form the innagural team charged with driving the development of a Bahamas National Student Association. These schools include:

  • The College of The Bahams (COB)

  • The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI)

  • Anatol Rogers High School

  • C. R. Walker Senior High School

  • St. John's College

  • St. Andrew's International School


Who should register to participate?


This year, all pilot schools listed above are invited to register their school, a teacher advisor and six (6) student participants.  Additionally, all other Senior High Schools in New Providence are invited to register two (2) student observer representatives who will attend the two (2) day seminar as well.  While non-pilot schools are not elidgable for a grant this year, students will benefit from the skills training provided at this years inagural session.