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Division of Youth
Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture
University Drive           P. O. Box N-4891
Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas
T: (242) 502-0736        F: (242) 328-8038
E: celebrateyouthbahamas@gmail.com

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The National Youth Awards Programme, now in its 33rd year, has long been the avenue by which the Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas celebrates the accomplishments of all that is positive among our youth.  This year, the tradition continues with the Awards Ceremony to take place in October 2019 during our annual National Youth Month celebrations. Youth will be recognized for their accomplishments in twelve categories.

National Youth Award of Excellence


The Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture asks that you nominate a young person in your community or organization who has gone above and beyond the call of duty and has exemplified the essence of this year’s youth month theme  “Youth: Globally Connected, Locally Focused #iamconnected #connectwithus”. This young person should be between the ages of 16-29 and continue to make outstanding contributions to the life of your organization and by extension their community.


Criteria for Nomination:

  • aged 16 to 29 years; *Exception - Youth Ally Award

  • a citizen of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas;

  • been engaged in youth work for a minimum of 12 months - either in a professional or voluntary capacity;

  • has selflessly dedicated and committed their efforts to effecting change in the lives of other young people around them

  • has a strong track record of implementing innovative ideas and linking their youth work and its impact to one of the 13 Action Plans of the Division of Youth;

  • Has demonstrated an understanding of the importance of youth engagement in key areas of development.

  • Has demonstrated leadership qualities in their area and a capacity and will to advance youth work within The Bahamas.


Important: Please note your nomination may not be considered if they do not meet one or more of the criteria.

Applicants can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone who is not a relative and who can testify to their work.

All 2019 Nominees will receive a Nominee Medal from the Governor General, which will be presented in a Medal Pinning Ceremony at Government House during National Youth Month.

The 2019 winners will receive an award and a cash prize to help them continue their youth work.

From among all winners, three distinguished awards will be given to the most outstanding youth as follows:


  • Director’s Cup

  • Minister’s Cup

  • Prime Minister’s Cup

National Youth Awards

(select the area in which the nominee has made a significant contribution)


  • Youth In Agriculture Award

  • Youth In Leadership Award

  • Personal Triumph Award

  • Youth In Governance Award

  • Youth Ally Award

  • Youth In Education Award

  • Youth In Sports Award

  • Youth In Entrepreneurship Award

  • Youth In Religion Award

  • Youth In The Arts Award

  • Youth Organization Award

  • Youth In Community Volunteerism Award

  • Rising Star Award (Select one or more sub-categories below)

    • Community

    • Arts

    • Education

    • Volunteerism

    • Sports

    • Culture


Awards will be decided on the basis of: 

i. Quality of Impact 

ii. Level of innovation/fresh approaches to problem-solving 

iii. Quality of achievement 

iv. Quality of evidence provided 

v. Sustainability


Individual Award Selection Criterion.


Youth In Agriculture Award – This nominee has dedicated their efforts to the advancement and promotion of agriculture through their advocacy, direct work in agriculture, and promotion of healthy and sustainable food for The Bahamas.


Youth In Leadership Award – This nominee exhibits key leadership qualities within their community or organization and displays their capacity to lead or rally a group of young people and influence them to engage in positive ventures that contribute to youth development and nation building.


Personal Triumph Award – This nominee has displayed strength and resilience, defeating all odds that may have been against them, rising above the status quo and achieved a high level of personal success that may be have been otherwise difficult to accomplish given their circumstance or environment.


Youth In Governance Award – This nominee has significant involvement in the governance of The Bahamas and has influenced and contributed to policymaking, program development, and the advancement of the youth agenda.


*Youth Ally Award – This individual, although they may not be in the age range of 16-29, is one who is committed to partnering with young people and assisting in youth work whenever called upon, particularly on a voluntary basis, exhibiting consistency, reliability and dependability.


Youth In Education Award – This nominee has made stellar contributions to education having committed themselves to creating access and opportunities for young people, contributed to national research, or has made significant, groundbreaking changes in the educational system.


Youth In Sports Award – This nominee has contributed to sports in The Bahamas whether through participation as an athlete or coach and has a reputation for their unwavering work and commitment to young people in sports.


Youth In Entrepreneurship Award – This nominee has successfully established a business and has used it as an avenue for change, inspiring young people to pursue their dreams. Particular consideration should be given for social entrepreneurs who selflessly use their business to address critical social issues.

Youth In Religion Award – Regardless of denomination, this nominee is actively engaged in working with young people within the religious community throughout The Bahamas, and is creating positive change within local communities.


Youth In The Arts Award – This nominee has made a significant contribution to the arts community with their cultural pieces and works of art both locally and globally; and has used their art to raise awareness, for activism, social change and justice.

Youth Organization Award – This youth organization, new or long-standing, has committed its work and resources to the development of young people, especially marginalized young people, bringing young people to a higher place of achievement and increasing their potential for success.

Youth In Community Volunteerism Award – This young person, or small group of young people, has consistently and selflessly given their time, talents and resources to a cause within their communities and have in some way made a significant impact or change through their volunteerism with other community members, neighbors or the elderly.


Rising Star Award – This young person has risen to the top and taken center-stage, making strides toward excellence and is well recognized locally and/or globally within their area whether Community, Arts, Education, Volunteerism, Sports or Culture.


Thank you for choosing to nominate a deserving individual for these outstanding awards.  Please complete all necessary sections of the application form.  Once you have made the necessary attachments, please click submit. Please note that incomplete forms will not be forwarded to the selection committee for consideration. 

Persons applying for the Youth Organization Award should complete the "Youth Organization Award Application". 

For more information, please contact the Coordinating Committee's office at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture  (Mrs. Ingrid Sears-Deveaux, Youth Officer, Division of Youth) by telephone at 242-502-0736 or by email at celebrateyouthbahamas@gmail.com.